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The Home Glow Method was AMAZING! Before I enrolled, I really struggled with indecisiveness. I was totally unsure where to start. I’ve always studied lots of magazines and blogs, so I would take inspiration from favorite rooms and try to recreate them in my own home, but nothing quite all worked together.

I am much more knowledgeable now and confident in my ability to design my own home! I have my starting point & can focus my style. I know where to find good upholstery and other goods now! I looked forward to each new module every week.

The course by itself is worth the price, but those live Q&As were vital! They gave me confidence — you spoke directly to me when I needed help, and I learned so much from the other students’ questions. Plus, I saw you as a real person instead of a ‘design celebrity’ and realized that you had to start somewhere too.

If you are serious about creating a well-designed home, I would absolutely recommend The Home Glow Method!

Lauren H, Mississippi

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